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Buying property in Spain post Brexit

Following the UK decision to leave the European Union there have been many changes to the law regarding buying a property and living in Spain. If you are looking to spend more than 90 days in every 180 at your property you must speak to a lawyer before making any decisions.

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Spanish Conveyancing

Before Brexit, it was normal to purchase a property in Spain before speaking to a solicitor and buyers relied on real estate agents to refer them to local solicitors to handle the legal side of the purchase.

However, the many changes that Brexit has made to the process have left many local solicitors without the necessary knowledge to advise potential purchases, leaving them at risk of losing their deposits.

To ensure that you can negotiate, what is now, a complicated path to purchase it is important to get accurate, up to date, advice from a specialist post-Brexit lawyer.

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Buying a property in Spain can still be as simple as it has always been, as long as you have the right legal team advising you. A deep understanding of tax implications, residency, and local laws is now a prerequisite when choosing the right lawyer to handle your purchase.
However, your dream home from home may still be just a click away.

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Established over 20 years ago, we are Spanish property solicitors, owned and run by Pilar Alonso Ruiz, who is fluent in both Spanish and English. 

The firm has offices in Cartagena and Manchester UK, offering face to face consultations in either country. If you are looking for a highly qualified Spanish solicitor in the UK then we strive to exceed your expectations.  The company deals with all aspects of Spanish real estate law and has considerable experience in this area.

Pilar Alonso has also contributed to The Times, Lawyer of the week. To view her most recent article click here or download a copy of the article here.

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At AH Spanish Property Solicitors we are here to help. We have spent many hours picking over the details of the post-Brexit deal so that you do not have to. If you have a question regarding purchasing a property that your real estate agents cannot answer to your satisfaction then please get in touch before moving ahead with your purchase.

Inheriting Assets in Spain?

Embarking on the journey of Spanish inheritance can be daunting, but fear not! With over two decades of expertise, Alonso and Haro offer a guiding hand through the intricate legal landscape.

Did you know that assets in Spain don't automatically transfer upon the passing of a joint owner?

For those seeking clarity and assurance in their Spanish inheritance journey, we are here to help you navigate the complexities.

Don't leave your inheritance to chance – choose the experts today!

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