Alonso Haro Solicitors Release Non-Bank – Guarantee Investor Deposits

Alonso Haro Solicitors Release Non-Bank-Guaranteed Investor Deposits From Caja Murcia   Alonso Haro Solicitors have been successful, this year, in recovering money on behalf of investors in Spanish property where their payment deposits where lodged with the bank Caja Murcia.   A very important point to note is that this is being done whether or […]

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Deposit Recovery – Santa Ana Del Monte, Jumilla

Buyers’ Court Victory Hailed By Nuria Pérez A LEGAL precedent has been established by the Supreme Court (TS) in Madrid for offplan property buyers with their ruling in the case of a couple who bought a property in 2005 at the failed Santa Ana del Monte development in Jumilla. According to the couple’s lawyers, this […]

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Another Case Won on Behalf of Clients Who Did Not Hold a Bank Guarantee – March 2015

We would like to inform you about a new judgment from Murcia Court Number 11 has given new hope to those creditors who transferred money to a Banco Popular bank account and never received a bank guarantee for the funds they transferred to the builder Huma Mediterraneo S.L.   The Court has ordered Banco Popular […]

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